Friday, January 28, 2011

Psychopathic killers, Gor and You

(This essay was written and published on The Bear Bitch Project on the date mentioned. Please see Postscript}

From Yahoo News, June 6th, 2000...

Internet 'Slavemaster' Linked to Kansas Murders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Reuters) - Law enforcement officials were searching for more bodies on Tuesday after identifying a Kansas man known on the Internet as the ``slavemaster'' as a suspect in the deaths of two women whose remains were found buried in 55-gallon drums over the weekend.

The suspect in the case, John Edward Robinson Sr., 56, was arrested on Friday in Olathe, Kansas, and charged with sexually assaulting two women he met on the Internet and with whom he agreed to have sadomasochistic sex.

The women alleged Robinson went too far and brutalized them, said a spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Johnson County, Kansas, south of Kansas City. One woman also alleged that Robinson stole several hundred dollars worth of sex toys from her.


How long until the word "Gor" comes up in association with something like the story about the "slavemaster" above? The BDSM hobby has had several high-profile killers associated with it over the years -- and of course BDSM is not a lifestyle; ones interest in the hobby can be hidden from view, shielding oneself from the fallout of such actions. One can stop playing BDSM games. But Gor is a lifestyle, a way to live, and one cannot as easily stop being Gorean, if in truth that is what one is.

Once one of the gamers/posers/losers here online snaps and kills some "slave girl" because she would not do what he wanted (which of course he feels is his "right" over all women because he sees himself as (a twisted version of) a "gorean man") or because she laughed at the size of his penis, the word "Gor" then becomes associated with murder, sickness and evil. Do you wonder why Dr. Lange distances himself from anyone who might call themselves Gorean? As a Gorean man, living and publicly calling myself that for nearly twenty years, I know exactly how he feels and I have started taking the same position these days as he. Already we had documented reports of "goreans" who have bilked "slaves" out of thousands of dollars, gamers/posers luring underage kids into IRC "gor" channels, gamers pretending to be pre-teen slave characters in AOL "gorean" sex-game channels, and at least one online "master" who has been arrested for assaulting a "slave" during (what in truth was simply) BDSM sex-play.

And they call it Gor. Just like what you and I live our lives by.

Those of us who live as Gorean men and women, those of us who are responsible citizens of the communities we reside in, are left with the remains. Right now, you might think, we are safe. Many of you are complacent. Most of you are simply ignorant.

The majority of you do not care, because you think of Gor as a game anyway, one you will walk away from forever if things get hard, or go bad for you.

Some might wonder why I no longer associate online with "goreans". The truth is that aside from the fact that there are very few of them -- I could probably count them on two hands -- I see this community heading for disaster. What I and a few others started online all those years ago, and sought to build bit by bit, has been destroyed, and is simply waiting to be flushed with the act of one psycho "master" or "slave".

Look around you. Is the girl you are netsexing or the guy you are cybersucking the one who has his hand on that handle?

For the sake of everything you hold holy...

(Bear ponders and shakes his head)

No, I take that back. Fuck the "you"!

Instead, for the sake of those of us who actually live this way, who are responsible, productive members of society, for whom Gor is not just a roleplaying game and a way to masturbate online with some anonymous screen name...

For us, we ask you, please...

...just be careful.


Postscript 2011: There was a woman who frequented the S&S and who belonged to one of the ops at one time, if I recall correctly. She begged to be released from her collar so that she could move to Kansas, because she found a Dom in an online BDSM room who wanted her to move in with him and work for him. Months later, her body ended up in a barrel, buried on land owned by the person mentioned in the post. The identity of the woman, and her ultimate fate, was unknown to me at the time of this original posting.