Monday, January 23, 2012

Now the time has come to say goodbye to all our company...

If you didn't get the reference in the title, don't worry. It just means you're not old. ;0)

The situation is this: my life has spun around nearly 180 degrees in the last 8 months or so. My surgery, the situation with my FC, and simply gathering enough resources to live on have taken all of my time and effort.

My goals are to be able, one day, to walk unassisted again. Just to get a little better every day. I also wish to be able to gain some form of employment to be able to financially take care of my FC who is now totally permanently disabled (if I am not determined to be disabled myself - that is still up in the air although I am determine to work again). Doing so will ease the burden on my slave whisper, who is tasked at her age with taking care of two invalids. Finally, I wish to try an stay positive and focused despite enough reasons to be depressed. ;0)

All that said means that I am not going to spend any more energy into keeping this blog up to date. I will allow it to remain here, and leave the gmail account open, should anyone need to reference it or contact me. I will probably lose my internet access at some point soon (food before phosphors) but I will make an effort to check the email when I can get to a computer that will allow me. That won't be often, however.

I'd certainly not planned on this being the way my life would turn out.

However, there is this:

At my age, and with my situation, you spend a little time thinking about death. With that, you go over your choices in life and wonder just what impact, if any, your life has made on this world.

On February 22nd, 1996 I co-founded a little IRC chat channel on the internet that began a process that has heavily impacted hundreds if not thousands of lives. For good or ill is immaterial, as one of the hard lessons I learned is that there is nothing that I could have done to make people behave responsibly.

But there it is. As small and insignificant as it may well be in the big picture, I rest now knowing that my work, my joy and my passion in things Gorean have made a difference in some lives and will live on for at least little while longer through some of you.

Probably longer than I will. ;0)

Keep the faith, raise your standards and walk proudly as Gorean men and women in this society.

To all my friends from then and now; it was a sincere pleasure knowing you.

I wish you well.