Thursday, July 29, 2010

When I'm Sixty-Four.

Whereupon Bear brings up a very discomforting topic, and really doesn't give a shit.

"When I get older, losing my hair... wait! DAMN IT!!


Ever stop to think about the future? Not tomorrow, or the next day, or even next month. I mean the future. Jump ahead however many years it takes and think about what things will be like in your household when age is a factor in your health and physical abilities.

If anything, Goreans are introspective. We have to be. We have to constantly measure ourselves against a bar set by a philosophy whose tenets are sometimes not viewed favorably by those with whom we share this society. We constantly strive to keep our actions within the Gorean paradigm as it can be manifest within this society. We watch ourselves. We watch one another. With each action, we learn and we grow.

Consider your happy home. You have a Free Companion, 1.2 slaves and a white vinyl-that-resembles-wood fence. You strive to live Gorean in your life, which goes without saying. Everyone is happy. Everything is just peachy.

Then you get old.

Oh, it comes on slowly. At first, you wonder why you are getting up so many times at night to use the little warrior's room. "Why, I'll just stop drinking so many fluids before bed!" you think to yourself. Then, one day, you realize that not only must you visit the little warrior's room more often, but it takes longer, sometimes much, much longer to proceed to the "shake and tuck" portion of the program.

You have a serious talk with your little warrior and set things right.

Right up until the time he refuses the order to stand at attention.

"This cannot be!", you think to yourself. "Not me, I am too young for this to happen!", you plead to yourself.

"I've changed my mind, get up and fetch me a sandwich, slave" you state out-loud.

Face it. It's going to happen one day, tough guy. To you, to me, hell even Hefner has to take chemicals these days. Brings a tear to the eye.

So what's the problem (aside from the obvious)?

Leaving aside for the moment those with free will, how do you think the changes you go through will affect the property you own? What was once a mad sweaty dash to the finish line when you were 40 and she was 20 is now a slow leisurely Sunday drive, with frequent stops for fuel and lubricant when you are 60 and she is 40.

So, fellow-Gorean. Let's do some do some introspection, shall we?

If, even at the beginning, the main manner in which you relate to your property is when she is on her back (or bent over the couch, or upside-down on the backyard stairwell, or that one time when... aw, nevermind), then you are probably missing out on most all of the interest a Gorean slave can bring. Which brings us to...

Bear's Gorean Aphorism #3: "You can only fuck 'em so long; eventually you're going to have to talk to them".

Sex is good, sex can be great, but at some point it is a lousy way to tie two people together.

So what to do?

Hell, don't ask me, you're the one whose soldier is AWOL!

Think about it.

Think about this: If your ownership of a Gorean slave is predicated mainly on sex, there will come a point in both your lives when that issue is not as important as it was years ago.

And, at that time my friend, you'd best be able to talk to her.