Friday, March 4, 2011

Educating a subbie about value

(From The Bear Bitch Project circa 1999.)

Original editors note: A girl who presents herself as a Gorean slave online (if there is such a thing) comes to a place where Gorean men used to gather and asks them "where are all the REAL Gorean men?" -- all the while wearing the collar of a "man". Typical "online Gor" bullshit. I decided to educate the subbie, one of the last times I've ever made the effort.

Ah sh*t, and I was having such a good day, too...

Obviously, no one has bothered to train you in the least. Let me take a scant moment and educate you to the barest particulars of Gorean life as a slave. You present yourself as a Gorean slave here, and by doing so, you join literally **hundreds** of other girls online all vying for the attention of a small handful of actual Gorean men.

Do you understand that reality at all?

If you do manage to attract the attention of one - despite the great odds against any girl doing so - you will be watched and judged. It will be decided if you are intelligent, creative, strong, quick, resourceful, and worthy of a bare moment of a mans time. It will be decided by those few men if you understand the barest glimmer of your slave belly - indeed, if you even know what it is yet. It will be decided whether taking time to show you that belly that lurks in all girls will be amusing/profitible enough to justify the effort put into it.

Few girls ever get past that point.

None, who whine and cry for a "strong Master", yet who currently surounds herself in a venue full of lesser men (Second Life, Powwow, AOL, etc.), will.

What to do?

Grow the fuck up.

This is not High School/Camelot/A Harlequin Romance Novel. We are not here because of *you*. There is no **EASY** way to walk this path. Lose the whine, get serious, read *all* the books, look inside, listen and read the words of those who have lived this the longest, cry, speak to *actual* gorean slave girls (and not the subbies who top the men who "own" them) and beg them for guidance, get strong, give up thinking that this is all about you, stop sniveling, become pleasing, get a backbone, learn what the "Vector of Pleasure" is, seek to measure up to a standard that supasses anything you have ever done in your life up to this point...

...and learn.


For fuck's sake, learn.

On a fictional planet, girls are motivated to learn at the end of a lash. Here, they are motivated to learn by their own belly or they are ignored by Gorean men and women as valueless. You have seen this, obviously, hence your cry for help.

We are out here, and we watch. More than most probably appreciate.

I cannot tell you how damn tired I am of the overwhelming and vast majority of the girls online claiming to be gorean slaves, who are no more than subbie girlfriends, wanna-bes, and worthless weaklings who waste the time of the good people online begging for help/a short-cut or some magic to make it easier to walk a path that no one but they themselves can do. There is no magic, no secret, just hard work. And while these girls waste time with "Yes Master, but...", both the world and we Goreans pass them by.

You want our help?

Then damn well earn it.

The first place I would suggest you go, is to the man whom you have embarrassed; he who owns the collar around your neck, if not the girl who wears it.

Learn, girl.