Friday, July 1, 2011

A flaw in her training.

In which our intrepid essayist responds to one of the varied excuses that the subbies and their doms might use to deflect attention from themselves when, in pretending to be Gorean slaves, the sub exposes herself  for what she is..

"It very well could be a flaw in training."
See, that's an argument that I don't buy into and never did.
If some woman is prepared to give her entire life to a Gorean owner, she damn well better have the intelligence and strength to be able to discern what correct behavior in public consists of in a Gorean context (Read The Fucking Books, or RTFB as we used to call it). It is not a matter of training, indeed, training will be hampered by such a weak-will in a potential slave. It is a matter of maturity and strength - both emotional and intellectual.
If potential Gorean slave is too stupid and weak to prevent herself from opening her mouth (or putting fingers to keys) knowing full well what she is about to do will be displeasing, then she is damaging her value and closing off many potential avenues in life that might otherwise have been open to her.
To live as a Gorean slave, most especially as we do in this society, one needs to develop three things, all concerning strength; strength of character, strength of will, strength of mind and the ability to shut the fuck up when she knows she should.
(I just tossed that last one in there) ;0)
Let's toss this out here. Narrowly defined for our discussion, but to the point in any case.
Strength of character: The ability to abide by her decision to surrender and all that this implies.
Strength of will: The ability to shut the fuck up and not act out when she knows her behavior will be displeasing.
Strength of mind: The ability to realize the difference between being pleasing and being displeasing.
One might think that how to behave in public in places where Goreans might be (and for goodness sake, we're just talking about ONLINE here, not even bringing the complexities of face-to-face encounters into it) would be one of the first things an owner might be sure that his property understands.
We easily see here online is that is not the case.
In BDSm circles, a "brat" is seen as a good thing. The bratty subs use the doms for their pleasure and everyone laughs and has a great time. But then, in walks an actual Gorean slave. She does not want to misbehave, she does not want to act out, she simply wants to be pleasing to the free. Many there then see how actual kajira comport themselves in public and come to the conclusion that they are weak "door-mats". Nothing could be further from the truth. To reach the level of behavior to achieve even the minimum standards as a Gorean slave, she must have the strength to have already have far outgrown her "brat" stage. Rather than control the dynamic, as the "brat" does, the Gorean slave has to be mature and strong enough to abide by the one requirement of her surrender: that it be total and complete.
If the potential slave has gotten to the point where she is willingly giving her life, possessions and everything else connected with her to her owner, and she still struggles with the concept of attempting to be pleasing, then there is a flaw in the potential slave.
A very serious one.
Unless the potential slave has the strength of mind to fuel her strength of character, which in turn manifests in her strength of will, she has very little value as a Gorean slave.