Friday, June 24, 2011

Bear's Confession

Hello everyone.

I have something I wish to tell you about.

It's a rather startling revelation, and not one I reveal to the general reading public in a light manner.

In the past, I have earned some small reputation in dealing sternly with issues when discussing living Gorean in this society. While not every issue we face is black and white, I've found that most are not too far away in the grey shades of things. If you have read this blog before, you know that I have spoken, and written, about the role and place of the male and the female in our lives.

To be sure, like most Goreans, male dominance and female submissiveness are a cornerstone of a certain part of my existence.

But I am here to confess to you all today something you might find shocking.

(Bear takes a deep breath)

I have knelt before a female.

Not only have I knelt, I have done so with both knees.

Hell, both knees and my palms flat on the floor.

I must tell you! Hear me!

When she cries, I rise and come to see what the issue is!

When she eats, I am there to feed her!

So just who is this mystery female who has changed me and brought me so low as to admit what I have here today?

What overwhelming beauty must she possess, what wiles must she practice, that I've become enraptured enough of her to act as I do?

It can no longer be hidden!

I now present to you all loyal readers, so that you too can understand my situation, a photo of the only female whom I have ever knelt before, in my adult life.

(She is so special that you may all go right ahead and be completely jealous of me now, I know I would if I were you)

This is my Bella Luna.
Eight year old female silver tabby.
I'm in love. ;0)