Friday, February 18, 2011

Mistake and Failure

(The concept of slave failure makes some people, free and slave, just quiver. Is it harsh? Yup. Does it disallow the ability for a slave to make excuses for her behavior? Indeed it most certainly does. If a Gorean free person chooses to give anything to a slave, the most valuable thing he can choose to give is an unbending and non-negotiable high standard. Such owners are few and far between in and out of the Gorean community. Reprinted from The Bear Bitch Project, 2001)

In nearly twenty years living as a Gorean man (and calling it that), and in spending much of those many years training girls on and offline to try to understand what it is to be a Gorean slave, I have long come to use these definitions, which I find are central to a girl undertanding what she is, and how she is to react to her becoming slave.

MISTAKE: is an unconscious error. It is the evidence that a girl is trying - that she is making decisions based on her training and is attempting to please. Obviously, she will not always succeed, and when she does not do so, she will occasionally be corrected. All girls make mistakes, it is part and parcel of learning to be slave. A mistake does not in and of itself make a girl worthless, although the repitition of the same one will give cause for a man to doubt her value, her worth, and her intelligence.

FAILURE: is the conscious choice to stop being a slave. We see it all the time online - girls we call "subbies" - who submit to men only as it pleases them to do. When things get tough or demanding or real, they will "step out of character" and whine, run or attempt to berate a free person.

A mistake is unconscious, it is proof that a girl is trying, and it is something to build on.

A failure is a conscious choice, it is proof that a girl has stopped trying, and it is the destruction of her current value as a slave.

And with so many willing girls out there, who want only a scant moment of a mans time so that they might show him that they may provide him with comfort, amusement and value, Gorean men seldom spend any more precious time on a slave who has chosen to fail. 

Think hard, girls.