Friday, February 11, 2011

What do I believe?

(Written before the turn of the century, What do I believe? is a snapshot of my life at a certain point of time. While many of the things I wrote remain true to this day, there are some that do not. For better or worse, there is certainly no going back for me to that point in time. So, for whatever it might still hold as worth, I share this essay with you today.)

What do I believe?

I believe in myself.

I believe in the men and women whom I admire, whose achievements and triumphs give me inspiration.

I believe in Karma.

I believe that at least 100 102 108 years will separate the Cubs winning the World Series from their last appearance there.

I believe in Honor and acting honorably in a society where such a thing is viewed as a weakness to be exploited.

I believe in the men of my Home Stone, while none of us are perfect, we share a bond, and are of the same Home Stone.

I believe that a grand concert piano, even though it is placed between two slices of pumpernickle bread with lettuce tomato and a little bit of mayo, will still taste mostly like a grand concert piano.

I believe in strength; of arm, of body, of soul.

I believe in love, and that there are differing forms of it.

I believe that Brad Pitt *does* resemble that fellow who looks at me in the bathroom mirror each morning.

I believe that the world is going to change, and soon, and that we are woefully unprepared for it.

I believe that children are precious and innocent, and deserve a chance to be both.

I believe that while chocolate may well be an aphrodesiac, it should not be consumed only for that purpose.

I believe that one of the Gor gamer/Doms we speak of, soon now, will appear on Jerry Springer to speak about the "gorean bdsm lifestyle".

I believe that when that happens, I may well turn and never be heard from in public again.

I believe that no one starts out to hurt people, but that their selfishness will not allow them to stop playing the games that do.

I believe in the sunrise, slowly appearing over the Atlantic ocean.

I believe in myself.

I wish you well.