Friday, February 4, 2011

Just another night on IRC

IRC circa 1999 - verbatim.


ariseandcum4th: whats this room about?

BearofAr: The Gorean Lifestyle.

ariseandcum4th: and that is?

BearofAr: Pretty involved, but basically an outlook that incorporates the thought that there is a natural order of things - between men and women for example - and encourages a sense of community and responsibility for it.

ariseandcum4th: does porn come into it at all?

BearofAr: Uhm... no. Try one of the "Hump my leg" rooms. ;0)

ariseandcum4th: OK ill do that.

ariseandcum4th: have fun!

BearofAr: Okay. See ya. ;0)