Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Growlings

Wherein our intrepid editor doth hold forth on all manner of things, in a short form, some few of which actually make sense.

Look, if you're Gorean because you dress up in a toga on weekends, have decorated your basement like a paga tavern and have some friends over once a year so that you can have fake sword fights and demand that some bored housewife actually sit at your feet and call you master; you're not.

Bear's Gorean Aphorism #6: If you do not own your life yourself, in toto, you can then never surrender it to another and become a Gorean slave.

Bear's Gorean Aphorism #7: You cannot begin to own the totality of yourself at age 18, 19 or 20.

Bear's Gorean Aphorism #8: No, you are not the exception to #7.

I have little to no interest in anything "BDSM", but since age seven I have been, and still remain, a proud Chicago Cubs fan. Does this make me a masochist?

In my case, I had lived Gorean and was in a Free Companionship for 11 years before I even had the thought to take a slave. I have seen some online "collar" a "slave" not even 11 minutes after their decision to try to live Gorean.

My mother named me Jeffrey, but for what amounts to my whole adult life, I have been known as Bear. I appended "ofAr" on the end of the nick when I first went online, to see if there were any other Gorean men or women online who would recognize the reference. Eventually, I found one who did. During that time, however, I was repeatedly asked if I were from Arkansas.

Those who would welcome new people who are interested in things Gorean with open arms; offering to "teach" or "mentor" or put them "under their protection" without first making completely sure that these people have a firm grasp of what they will be giving up and getting themselves into are doing them, and this community, a grievous disservice.

Hey! Mr. "Gorean"! If you cannot define what "honor" is so that it applies as a measurement equally to all, then just stop using the concept as a club to attempt to batter others.

Oh! And if you cannot determine the difference for yourself between "honor" and Gorean caste codes; then. just. stop.

Fantasy is a wonderful thing, but I wonder how many of those potential "slaves bellies" online would still "burn" for you if they could see you right now; sitting at the keyboard in your underwear, smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer and scratching your balls while belching a lot?

I have a pet cat. When she wants out, she cries and I let her out. When she's hungry, she complains and I feed her. When her litter box is full, she howls and I see that it gets cleaned. Just the other day it hit me: who owns who?

Now c'mon, you didn't actually think that I cleaned the litter boxes around here, did you?

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