Friday, April 1, 2011

The Truth is out there

Tal and greetings,

One of the most interesting magazines that I regularly read happens to be THE SKEPTICAL INQUIRER, the publication of The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal ( Along with SKEPTIC magazine (a competing magazine), it is one of the most interesting publications that are aimed at scientifically examining claims of paranormality, weirdness and things that go bump in the night.

In the Jan/Feb 2001 issue, among articles exploring exorcism, the claims of chiropractors and herbal medicine proponents is the Psychic Vibrations column by Robert Sheaffer. This month Mr. Sheaffer writes about his trip to the Bay Area UFO Expo last August 26th and 27th.

Amongst the conspiracy theorists, self-professed channelers and what seems to be out and out crackpots, Mr. Sheaffer writes about something that caught my eye and might be interesting to those Goreans whose perception of reality may be skewed more to the "Art Bell" side of the galactic fence. ;0)

In his reaction to a lecture by David Jacobs, an "noted UFO abuctionist" speaking of his "abduction experience", he writes:

"The insectoid creatures, says Jacobs, are clearly in charge. Some people describe reptilians, although it is possible that this may be just another description of the praying mantis insectoid."

(insert cheap Sci-Fi music here)

It should be remembered that these people are as serious as they can be about such things, and apparently they are seeing giant praying mantises that are zooming around in space ships and these people are being abducted by them.

Sound familiar?

Look to the night skies, Goreans. The truth is out there.


With tongue firmly in his cheek,